Nzyma is an additional plantfeed. Nzyma increases the mineralintake and promotes the biological availability of the minerals, zuch as Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.

Nzyma acts as as an aid with the process of converting minerals in immediate absorbal feed for the plant.

When Nzyma is used in your regular sprayproces your plants will profit in the following ways:

  • Better uptake of the available feed
  • Strong growth
  • Less stress sensitivity
  • Better branch out rootsystem

House of Inventions

House of Inventions B (HOI) is a company that is specialised in developing products fort he well/being of humans, animals and plants.

Within the company there is a lot of expertise in breeding vegetable crops, specialising in tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers. Further to this we are specialised in the development of natural pesticides, such as: virusses, whiteflies, thrips, mildew, Aphids,leafminers and other insects, plages and fungies.

HOI is a very innovative company with a complete way of thinking of its own. We think out of the box and develop wonderful new concepts and work solely with natural products.

We also develop new concepts and products for third parties and we think we can also assist & help you in your search for possible sales partners in our large national and international network.

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